A Guidebook To Permanent Solutions For Bed Bugs

Sleeping with bed bugs can be the last you would want. But, without any precautions and regular maintenance, these bed bug infestations are bound to happen. Moreover, sleep and bed are a couple. So, you cannot expect your beds to shelter some annoying bed bugs to your discomfort. Apart from that, bed bugs are not just causing sleep disorders but can harm you in several ways. In the worst case, the bed bug bites can be painful and one may need urgent medical advice. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep your beds checked thoroughly once in a while to keep bed bugs away.

However, if you are already going through severe bed bug issues, you need to stay with us. We have gathered some solutions from professional pest controllers to remove bed bugs permanently from your bed. So, let’s take a look at the detailed guidebook of permanent bed bug removal.

Wash Your Bed Covers, Pillow, And Blankets At 120 Degrees

Each living organism has a capacity for heat tolerance. Once the temperature arises to the tolerance level, the protein bond breaks down. As a result, the organism dies. Professional pest controllers also use this heat kill method to exterminate bed bugs. Even though professional pest controllers have steam cleaners or specialized machines to remove bed bugs.

However, you can remove bed bugs by washing your bed covers, bedsheets, and pillow covers with hot water above 120 degrees. After washing them with hot water make sure to dry them thoroughly and dedust dead bed bugs from the clothes.

Vacuum Your Mattress Regularly

Bed bugs avoid coming in light. Therefore, it is difficult to clean beds from bed bug infestations. However, one can keep the bed bug infestation controlled by using regular vacuum cleaners. Make sure to put the vacuum cleaner on high and vacuum the mattress thoroughly. However, one must remember to remove the surrounding items, such as bookshelves, wardrobes, and furniture away from the bed. Bed bugs tend to escape from the bed during vacuuming. So, if you vacate the place before vacuum cleaning, you will get the best result.

Freeze Those Items That Are Un-Washable

Freezing your bed bug-infested clothes and other items in the freezer can save you from severe damages. For that, take a big plastic zip lock bag and put all of your pest infested items in the bag. Adjust the freezer’s temperature to the lowest and put your plastic bag in the freezer. The low temperature freezes the body fluid of that organism. As a result, the organisms die. Therefore, it is an effective pest control method against bed bugs. Also, if you have anything else that comes in contact with bed bugs that are not possible to wash, you can freeze them as well.

Keep Your Bed In Close Inspection

The best thing you can do to avoid bed bugs is to keep your surrounding areas in close monitoring. For that, regular cleaning and once or twice a week vacuuming is enough. Therefore, if you want the best solution for bed bugs, make sure to follow the preliminary signs of bed bug infestations to start the exterminations right away.

If you experience sudden itching while sleeping or feces and dust from the bed bugs, you need to act quickly. Also, in the case of a heavy bed bug-infested bed, you can see them in open areas.

Professional Assistance

In case the bed bug infestation is serious or you don’t have adequate knowledge of bed bug controls, you can contact your local service provider for a detailed bed bug removal process. The professional experts will look into the matter thoroughly to serve you with both chemical and biological bed bug control solutions. So, with the first sight of bed bugs in your place, contact your local bed bug controllers right away.

Be Pest Free has the best team for providing professional pest control solutions against bed bugs. Our experts can inspect the entire area thoroughly. So, if there is any bed bug infestation in the preliminary stage or any stage, our experts can serve you with mild pest control solutions to stop the bed bug infestation. Therefore, get in touch with the professional bed bug controllers from our team and get your home bed bug-free.