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Bee Control Services Adelaide, SA

Be Pest Free specializes in professional bee removal and control services in Adelaide and its suburbs. Our company has a partnership with the most experienced and licensed beekeepers in the country for bee removal and bee control services. We are also highly recommended by beekeeping associations as our experts are trained in removing honeycombs, bee colonies, and honeybees safely and relocating them to one of our many apiaries located in Australia.

Our bee control techniques make use of leading-edge technology for the safe removal of honeybees. We use the latest and specialized vacuums that are safe for bees and made to conserve them during the process. Experts at Bee Pest Free have been practising beekeeping and performing honey bee nest removal and hive removal service for more than 5 years. They know everything there is to know about the process.

bee control adelaide
bee pest controllers in adelaide

Professional Bee Pest Controllers in Adelaide

Dealing with bees by yourself can be particularly tricky. It is very important to hire professional bee control services and experts to get rid of bees. They are trained to execute safe removal treatments. Keeping bees safe is vital as they can be used for making honey. The process requires specialized beekeepers who take additional precautions in disposing of. They use special equipment to make sure that honeybees are not hurt. There is also the right technique and time of the day to remove bee nests which experts can determine easily.

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    Quality Services

    Quality Services.

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    24/7 Prompet Services

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    Bee Control Adelaide

    A Careful and Safe Bee Removal Service

    Every technician in our company has worked in an apiary or bee yard prior to working as a professional bee control service provider. This helps them in learning proper inspection of a beehive and handling honeybees. They also undergo a thorough training program on suitable methods to minimize loss while rescuing bees. The best feature of Professional Bee Removal Service is that we make sure all bees are saved and later relocated to a suitable apiary where they reproduce and make honey for consumption far from residential areas.

    Although most people consider bees to be a source of nuisance, we at Be Pest Free recognize their importance in our ecosystem.

    Why Choose Be Pest Free Bee Removal Service

    • Our techniques are 100 per cent eco-friendly
    • The experts at Be Pest Free are trained to make sure that bees do not die during the process
    • Killing bees with DIY methods is critical to ecosystem as bees are an important part of it
    • Our experienced specialists relocate the bees delicately from their hive. Their hive is also put to good use for extracting honey.

    If you are looking for urgent bee removal and swarm removal service, or want advice of our expert beekeepers to inquire about hive removal, call us at 08 7184 0913. Our professionals are available 24/7 to help you with your bee control needs.

    Pest control in Adelaide is not just our job, but it’s our passion to help people get rid of them while also keeping the bees safe. Our experts also advise on safe and proper bee prevention and bee removal practices.

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    How do you get rid of bees nests in Australia?

    Our bee removal team will mark the area and remove the nest safely from your property. Before this, the pest expert will prepare himself in protective gear so that the bee does not sting him. Also, bees nests are collected in a large bag so that they do not attack others. The nest is removed with a tool and packed in a bin bag.

    When should you call an exterminator for bees?

    There are DIY methods that can repel bees, but these methods may not be successful every time. If there are aggressive bees around your property, then the best option is to depend on the professionals. A swarm of angry bees in a large beehive can be hard to remove. The professionals can remove the hive with negligible harm to the bees.

    How do I get rid of unwanted bees?

    There are infinite ways of getting rid of the bees naturally which are safe for the bees and the environment:
    1. Calling a beekeeper for relocation
    2. Vinegar spray solution
    3. Cinnamon spray
    4. Bee trapping and relocation