How to Get Rid of Cockroaches at Home?

Since the dawn of civilizations, cockroaches have lived with us side by side. Cockroaches are one of the most common types of pest infestation in our homes. Cockroaches are very gross and the very sight of them sends shivers down our spine. Evolution has provided cockroaches with extreme survival capabilities and making them very stubborn and hard to kill. Cockroach infestation anywhere is a high health risk. Cockroaches are associated with many diseases, they can be the carriers and causes of many health conditions. Dysentery, typhoid, poliomyelitis, and gastroenteritis are common diseases caused or spread by roaches. Cockroaches feed on almost anything from decaying organic matter to sugars and wheat. The kitchen, bathrooms and lavatories are the most common places of a cockroach infestation. We advise to you carry cockroach extermination as early as possible.

Professional Cockroach Control Service
Professional Cockroach Control Service

Here is The Home Guide for Cockroach Pest Control and Cockroach Extermination.

Tips to Getting Rid of Cockroaches:

1. Checking Any Sign of Cockroach infestation

Always keep an eye on your plumbing pipes, drainage, kitchen and bathrooms. Most of the time cockroaches live in these places. If you happen to see any sign of cockroach infestation, find the source of this infestation and fix the problem as soon as possible. You can fix the cracks on pipes and walls to stop the entry of cockroaches. Any leakage should be sealed permanently to avoid their movement. Keep the lid of your drains clean and closed and avoid any kind of blockage in basins and lavatory pipes will help in Cockroach Pest Control.

2. Devoid Them of Food

Any kind of pest infestation harbors on the food they feed upon. Cockroaches feed on food, feces, food crumbs and food spills. Keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and germ-free. Make sure that all your food sources are sealed and kept away from the reach of the roaches. Maintain the cleanliness around your dining room and fridges, you can always use any product available in the market to mop and wipe the floor.

3. Cockroach Killing Home Remedy

Borax is a well-known cockroach extermination agent. It is easily available in the market and can be used to make baits for cockroach extermination.

Follow The Process Below to Make Anti Cockroach Balls

  • Borax or Boric Acid
  • Sugar or flour
  • Bacon Dripping
  • Water

Add all of the above materials and make a dough. Now roll small balls out of this dough and place them anywhere you find the infestation. These balls can be placed in cupboards, drawers and near drains and toilets. This excellent anti-roach remedy will kill off the cockroaches and will help you in cockroach control and cockroach extermination.

Pest Control Service

Taking The Help of Professional Pest Control Services:

DIY home pest control procedures are fine for smaller infestations and common cockroach pest control. Cockroach infestation is almost impossible to eradicate completely, even after killing them through borax they can always bounce back and put your health at risk. These recurrent cockroach infestations can easily be terminated by Professional Pest Control in Adelaide services. Be Pest Free provides excellent cockroach extermination services through the use of pest-specialized killing chemicals and our team of professional pest controllers will also sanitize your home avoiding any future infestations too.

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