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Premium Pest Control Services In Athelstone

At Be Pest Free, we know that the control of pests is necessary. Most Athelstone homes and workplaces require advanced pest control treatments on a regular basis. We want our clients to enjoy their life without messing with pests. Therefore, our Pest Control Athelstone team is here to help you with a variety of pest treatment services.

We ensure giving amalgamated pest control services at very reasonable costs. Also, all of our pest management services are open 24 by 7 for bookings. So, if you are having- ants, rats, moths, fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs or borer infestation at home, call us right away! For same day pest control booking, dial us at our toll-free number 08 7184 0913

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The Standard Pest Control Process That We Follow In Athelstone

Our pest control Athelstone experts follow a standard process for treating pests at your property. We use less toxic and organic pest control solutions. Also, none of our pest control methods harms you or your property in any way. 

  • Inspection: Beginning the process with a thorough inspection, we look for signs of particular pests, detect them as well as search for all types of property damages.
  • Eliminate the cause of infestation: Next, we close the pest’s entryways and the source of its nesting. They enter through cracks and holes. Moreover, sources are mainly- leftover food and standing water.
  • Fumigation Or Fogging: On basis of pest-type and infestation level, we recommend either fogging or fumigation method.
  • Pesticides spray: While rendering any pest control services, we use less toxic & safe pesticide sprays only. 
  • Repellents & Baits set up and monitoring: For some pests, we need to plant baits and repellents that attract creepy crawlies. Later, when the pests are trapped, we remove them.
  • Dead pest removal: Additionally, you can even reach out to us for removing dead pests. Avoid touching or going close to any dead pest or animal & call us for professional help. 

Which Tips Do Our Professionals Suggest You Keep Pests Away?

  • Maintain Landscaping: Less the pests outdoors the less is the pests that get indoor. Trim your trees and shrubs on time. Always endure one of the tree branches or creepers touching your interior structures. 
  • Inspect your exterior: You must inspect your outdoors on a routine basis. You can search for gaps, crevices and cracks which pests use to enter inside.  
  • Use proper light bulbs: Bugs and flies are attracted to mercury lights. So, if it is possible, change your standard lights with halogen light bulbs. Check the colour of your lights as well. Pink, orange and yellow-tinted lights attract fewer pests. 
  • Clean your drains: Floor and sink drains carry moisture as well as gather hunk and debris. They attract pests and offer an ideal home to breed. Avoid leaving dishes after dinner and overnight. Keep your drains well maintained and clean. 

Pests and The Harms That They Pose To Your Property And You

Pests in Athelstone are of various kinds, shapes and sizes. Some can be not harmful, while others may pose life-threatening diseases and structural damages. A few points on pests and their effect on your life and property are as follows: 

  • Health Risks 

Pests can be risky for you, your kid’s and your pet’s health. A few can bite, contaminate while others pose skin allergies. For instance, mice and rats are those pests that carry serious illnesses. Mosquitoes being very tiny can give you dengue, zika virus and chikungunya. Whereas, ticks and fleas can make your pet uncomfortable to the extent that it needs medical health. So, never ignore a pest issue and seek pest management service. 

  • Structural Damage

Pests like termites, possums, bed bugs and rodents are famous in Athelstone for causing damage to your property structures and belongings. The termites can chew up your woods from the inside, leaving it hollow and weak. Possums can mess up in your storerooms, gardens and roofs. 

They create litter and destroy everything that comes their way. Similarly, bed bugs cause blood-sucking bites while you sleep and damage your mattress and sheets. Not just this, rodents can even disturb your electric wiring and make nests in outside AC units. Therefore, we suggest you call us for regular pest inspections and treatments! 

Types of Locations in Athelstone Where You Can Avail Of Our Complete Pest Control Services

Our pest control Athelstone team offers local pest control treatments to almost all places of the suburb. So, if you are searching for pest control near me, do consider calling us anytime. Check the below-mentioned locations: 

  • Malls, stores and shops
  • Hospital Buildings and Clinics 
  • Child Healthcare Centres
  • Private Houses And Residential Colonies
  • Commercial Structures 
  • Restaurants, Eateries, Hotels and Cafes
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Schools, Academic Institutions and Colleges

Our Trendy Pest Control Athelstone Options

Be Pest Free has been rated as one of the leading providers of pest control services in Athelstone. All of our pest exterminators and pest removal experts are local, trained and skilled in offering the services mentioned below. 

  • Emergency and same day pest control: We are here for you in Athelstone with affordable and accurate emergency and same day pest control services. So, feel free to get in touch with us any time, whenever you get stuck with any pest emergency or a general removal. 
  • End of lease pest control: Closing to your rental period in Athelstone? Well, we can help you with a quick and accurate end of lease pest control service. 
  • Pre-purchase pest inspection and control: Let’s help you with a pre-buy inspection today? Why invest in a pest-full property when you can approach us for a pest inspection service!
  • Large area pest infestation treatment: We are among those pest control companies in Athelstone, who conduct large scale pest treatments. Like- you can book us for affordable hotel pest control or to any other place. 
  • Eco-friendly pest treatment for all pests: For all of our commercial and residential pest control services, we use solutions, sprays and products that are very effective and safe to use in front of you! 

Call Us For Pest Control Services To Avail Several Benefits 

Whenever you call us for any type of pest control service in Athelstone, our pest controllers are here glad to help you. Here are a few special benefits you enjoy on booking us: 

  • We are a locally based pest treatment company in Athelstone
  • Our cost of pest inspection, control and removal is low and acceptable
  • You get served by professional pest controllers and removalists
  • We make use of trusted pest management equipment, tools and solutions
  • Customizable services are always open for you 
  • You can schedule us over a single call any time

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Do you offer commercial pest control services during the Christmas holidays?

Yes, of course. You can schedule us for any commercial pest inspection or control in the Christmas holidays. We stay open to work 365-24-7 in Athelstone.

Do you offer free pest control quotations? 

Yes, we can give you a free no-obligation quote over the phone. But the price may vary depending on the actual situation of pests at your location.

I am having a pigeon nest around my AC outdoor unit. Can you remove it? 

Yes, we offer pigeon bird control services in Athelstone. You can count on us freely for pigeon nest removal. We assure you of safe, damage-free and effective pest removal.