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At Be Pest Free professional silverfish control services across Adelaide, SA we follow a multi-level integrated pest control practice and principle. It means that we use sound and reasonable approaches in dealing with annoying and troublesome pests. Be Pest Free experts take advantage of advanced environmental and mechanical factors such as traps, barriers, getting rid of attractants, and modification of habitats. We also make controlled use of insecticides to eliminate and prevent the infested pests from coming back.

Our aim is to help you get rid of annoying pests while ensuring the safety of the environment, beneficial pest species, and health of your family and friends. That’s why we use only 100 percent eco-friendly solutions for our silverfish pest control service.

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    Problems Silverfish Can Cause

    Silverfish can destroy homes by chewing the wood of a home or office. They can also contaminate the food items. Some of the food items they target are sugar, flour and rolled oats. You can also find them gnawing the toothpaste in the bathroom. Books, magazines, papers, and old garments also get damaged by the silverfish.

    Types of Silverfish We Treat With

    We treat the following type of these nuisance pests:
    1. The grey silverfish
    2. The common silverfish
    3. The four-lined silverfish
    4. Aussie silverfish
    5. Firebrats

    Be Pest Free approach to silverfish pest control is suited for all kinds and sizes of infestations.

    • First, our experts perform a systematic inspection of your property
    • The pest infestations and their source is determined on the basis of inspection
    • Suitable treatment methods are customized to fit your silverfish control needs

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    Silverfish Control and Prevention Adelaide, SA

    Eliminating all sources of unnecessary moisture is vital to prevent repeated Silverfish Infestations. These places can be bathrooms, shower curtains, faulty plumbing, badly fitted pipes, or other spaces of condensation and high moisture. Silverfishes love the humid environment. These tiny pests simply cannot stay alive in buildings with low relative moisture. So our experts use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity inside your residential and commercial spaces. We can maintain year-round relative humidity with our advanced tools and machinery.

    • Clean out all food spills and clutter immediately. Keep accessible foodstuff like cereals, flour, pet food, and food grains in a sealed container that locks away moisture. Store all your pantry food in air-tight boxes. Also, remember to take out trash and vacuum crevices and cracks on walls regularly.
    • Silverfish also like to feed on book bindings and glue used inboxes. Therefore it’s common to find these pests in storage rooms, basement, and attic. They can also eat molds found on the surface of cardboard boxes stored in damp attics and basements.
    • As silverfish prefer to live in a warm environment, they are usually found under leaves, rocks, and stones in our gardens. So we recommend removing any such possible places like woodpiles, grass, and leaves near your building. Also, get the gutters cleaned regularly.

    Why Choose Be Pest Free To Get Rid of Silverfish?

    • Choose us for the early removal of silverfish.
    • We will not let you deal with the problem of silverfish again.
    • Our professional pest exterminators know the nature of the silverfish, the way of their breeding, their diet, life cycle and other useful methods to get rid of these insects.
    • Our team will use the right tools and solutions.

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    What do professionals use for silverfish?

    The professionals will use the chemical treatment for controlling silverfish. Pyrethrin is an active chemical used to exterminate silverfish by professionals. It is also a safer chemical to use.

    How do you get rid of silverfish pet friendly?

    Given are some pet-friendly methods to control silverfish:
    1. Less clutter: Toss the trash in time so that there will be fewer places for silverfish to hide.
    2. Vacuum deeply: vacuum the food crumbs and other such things that attract silverfish. It will also remove their eggs.
    3. Use traps: Traps can catch silverfish or you can also buy sticky traps to seize the silverfish.

    What smells do silverfish hate?

    Silverfish hate the smells of many citrus fruits. They also do not enjoy the cinnamon and lavender smell. If you want to remove these insects naturally then the use of essential oils is a great idea. The natural home fragrances will keep them away from your home. You can spray these in kitchens, beneath the sinks and around baseboards.