Spider Bites: What To Do If You’ve Been Attacked By A Spider

Having a spider is obvious. Like humans want to avoid spiders, in the same way, spiders also want to avoid humans. When spiders feel threatened by humans, they bite in their protection. It may be a surprise event for you and may lead to pain also. But you do not have to panic about it. There are many types of spiders. Not all spiders are venomous in nature. You can diagnose and treat it easily at home. Let’s know about it if you are not aware of the symptoms and treatment of spider bites.

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Diagnosis The Spider Bites

Before starting the treatment of spider bites, you have to be sure that it is a spider bite or some other bite. Diagnosis is easy if you find any spider after being bitten or there is a bitten area with slight pain. Many insects leave two puncture marks on the skin with a smell, but spider bites do not look like that. It leaves redness around the body with pain.

Spider Bite Symptom

Local Symptoms: Immediately after being bitten, there is almost no local pain. Just you will feel only slight pain in the bitten area. You may find one or two punctures. You may also see rashes around the bite area or whole body. The symptoms start in the next 5 and 6 minutes, it may also vary with the time. It appears as local pain and the pain gradually increases. Over time the regional red lymph nodes start spreading all over the body. The feeling of heat and itching is also a symptom.

Systemic Symptoms: Only a small number of people show systemic symptoms after being bitten by a redback spider or other spider. Systemic symptoms start to appear about 1 hour after being bitten but generally progress gradually and often take 12 hours or more. The main systemic symptom is pain. When the upper body is bitten, intense pain occurs on the face, neck, and chest. If the lower body is bitten, intense pain occurs in the abdomen. Other major symptoms may be nausea, vomiting, fever, insomnia, dizziness, headache, generalized rash, etc.

Spider Bite Treatment

At first, strong pressure should be applied to the bitten area and a bandage on the bitten area is strictly not recommended. It may increase your pain. Instead, take out some ice cubes and cool the areas to relieve the pain and rashness around the bitten areas.

Natural remedies also work for curing the spider bitten. Use aloe vera gel over the affected area. It can soothe the skin and help it faster. Use essential oil like lavender oil, rose oil, etc for both pains and healing the bitten areas. These natural remedies will work when you notice local symptoms after spider bites.

Systemic pain is not often. Still, if you have strong pain, it is not good to use morphine and pethidine injections. The most effective treatment for all symptoms is antitoxins.

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